Choosing a beleif: Idealism and Realism..

Choosing sight: Idealism or Realism

Idealism is the philosophy which maintains that the ultimate nature of reality is ideal, or based upon ideas, values and essences and that the so-called external, or real world is inseparable from consciousness, perception, mind, intellect, and reason in the sense of rigorous science.
Realism is the belief that reality exists independently of observers or (politically) a theory that the primary motivation of states is the desire for power or security, rather than ideals or ethics

Seeing the definitions, now, and former ages, Ive been wondering for hundered times since the first time I decided to be idealistic. Everytime I join training, workshop, or any psychological test where self-SWOT-analysis is required, I always put Idealism in both my Strength and Weakness columns.
And whenever people know what I wrote, then they just stare at me, seems wanna say something, but then they dont.

Once Ive ever asked one of the guys that has asked me to have SWOT analysis, and then thank god he finally said something when there was a chance, then we talked a little bit:
He said : "seems u're confused choosing sights, huh"
Me : "Not really.."
H : "but still, there's confusion, rite"
M : "kinda"
H : "Are u scared?"
M : "What?? Why?"
H : "This is the first time I talked to you, with you, acting so strange, behaving like u're not curious in conversation, answering question simply and fast.
M : "huh? really? I dont realize, sorry"
H : "Im not a good in finding all the truths, but for me, you're scared. You're scared of other people's opinion. other people's judgement about ur sight, because I beleive there's secretly a debate between ur heart and brain. Your heart wanted to fix anything by being idealistic, but reality seems sooo much stronger so that you wouldnt succeed, and you cant stop thinking of it. In the end, u're just feeling tired, and fool"
M : "Maybe.. Maybe that's what Ive been thinking.. So? what do u think I have to do then?"
H : "I dont know, let's make this not to be a big deal.. Idealistic is a sight, sight that u're likely agree with, it's a perception, a path u have choosen. And talking about choice, choice is the thing that you CAN keep it by yourself. You dont have to force people to have the same sight like you, right?"
M : "what?? Why shouldnt I?
H : "Why should you?"
M : "What Idealism mean if u're just keeping it by yourself? How can u influence people? How can you make people change? or... How can you fix broken things in world?? If u want to succeed, then u have to be strict, uptied, no flexibility and..." (then, he just make me stop to speak)
H : "Dea, this is going no where. Just dont talk about this please"
M : "You havent helped me att all, you know.."
H : "Do a person like u REALLY need any help? you're likely a person who wants to find everything by yourself.. Moreover, I consider myself more as realistic, u know.."
M : " I see.. that's why You cant help me, huh. You're realistic then think we're in a definite different sight"
H : "Yeah, exactly................. But I shouldnt proud of it, realistic people dont choose paths, we just trying to live our life based on real world. Yet we live the best we can not to suffer others. We're just trying to survive, you know.. and sometimes, u have to survive before u begin to dream."
M : "Im offended. Idealistic people are NOOOOT dreamers!"
H : "Yess youu areee!! and Im sooo sorry to say that, owkay!!
H : "You know what,, for me, u're just like an angel, Dea.. but angel.... doesnt fit hell.. hheh :)"

And when Im doing my annual self-reflection on my last birthday, there came again a question whose answer's never been found since Ive been searching it 3 years ago.
Should I proud with it?

Is that true that Idealistic people doesnt fit the world?
Then I think, "Heyy! I know the corporate world now seems like place where ethics role only as the base how people "judge" and not also as the base how people "do"..
but will it be wrong if Im deciding not to be the world??
if the world DOES become crazy now, is that a fault if I choose not to be crazy too??

Is that really true that Idealistic people is such a big dreamer?
and, Heeyy, I know world seems like the whole universe with me, as the dust,. But is it wrong if I, the tiny single dust, trying to find the other dust to form a big new normal land when everything goes in the right way??

And the last question: Is Idealism always in the opposite side with Realism?
Then I think. No, they're not. Dont you ever think, that actually, in a perfect world when everything goes right, Idealism and Realism ARE ACTUALLY staying in the same side?
Because in that case, idealism is the reality itself.

Am I right?

So, if Im right, what dont we all become idealistic?
Why dont u dare, people?
but untill now, no one has ever give me the logical answer..

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